Friday, April 13, 2012

Too Busy to Lose Weight.

I have a confession:
I can't even remember the last time I counted my calories.
I haven't worn my heart rate monitor or tracked my calories burned in months.

I'm way too busy to lose weight.

This week alone I went to the circus, a concert by one of my favorite bands, met my parents for lunch, celebrated Easter, twice, did my first full 16 mile training ride for my triathlon, broke my record and did 32 burpees during just 1 song, cleaned both my bathrooms, zumba'd my butt off, am throwing a huge party tomorrow, and decided to try out for roller derby on Sunday after I disc golf and maybe go to bottomless mimosas a movie.

Do you realize how much time goes into picking out a roller derby name?
Never mind that I haven't even been on skates since I was 9. When I DO get out there this Sunday, I intend to have the best derby name in all the land! I haven't decided exactly what that will be yet, but I have some ideas...

So "working out," and counting calories, and stressing incessantly about everything I do or eat or drink... I simply don't have room for it in my schedule, thank you very much!!!

I know what you're thinking, "but you just talked about burpees and triathlon training, obviously you have time to work out."

And to that I say: Nuh uh.
"Working out" implies that there was, like, forced labor and general drudgery involved.

Do you know how pretty it is on the bike trail here?!?!

I'll show you how pretty:

With a view like that, no matter how hard it was to pedal up that hill, I don't think it qualifies as "working out" so much as enjoying my beautiful coastline on top of a bicycle in a slightly sweaty fashion.

And all those burpees in ripped class... Well... ripped class is FUN!! Sure, I get super sweaty and occasionally feel like I might barf, but there are all kinds of nice people in there to say hi to and the music is fun and I always feel like a super buff ninja badass after conquering it! So while I suppose I technically put work in, I don't feel so much like it's a "work out."

And if you think of zumba as working out rather than something active and fun, either you haven't tried it, you're going to a boring class, or you don't like music.

And who wants to count calories instead of trying out a place called "extreme pizza" on a whim because the name was funny and have a beer as you wait for your favorite band to take the stage?
Well certainly not me.
My pizza was extreme indeed, incase you were wondering, though my portions weren't, and that beer was delicious!

So, with all of this going on, the scale hasn't moved, but I'm wearing smaller clothes and if the scale says the same thing for my "official" weigh in day as it said when I peeked this morning, I'll be down a pound.

And if it doesn't?

I won't care.

I've spent so much time concentrating on making my weightloss part of a lifestyle change that before I knew it, my life changed!

I've been out with friends on the disc golf course or out "riding like the wind" (as I like to call it) on my bike or seeing shows or doing cool new things at work and just kind of forgot to care enough about losing weight to focus on it.

I'm not worried about it right now.
I've changed enough that it'll happen all by itself in its own due time.

Sure, I could count calories and stop eating out with friends so much and skip bottomless mimosas after disc golf on Sunday and lose more weight faster.

I could do some diet and exercise regime and lose weight even faster than that.

I might even change my mind tomorrow or next week or 3 months from now and get in a hurry and start tracking all my calories and setting goal ranges again, and that's okay too.

But right now I'm just living, and it's amazing.
I'm not stuffing myself down or hiding my blobby double chin in my apartment anymore.

I'd rather ride like the wind and drink a good beer with good friends!