Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terror in the Cereal Aisle

Sometimes trying to be health conscious makes me look like a crazy person.

Especially in the grocery store.

Last night, for example, I terrified at least 3 strangers in the cereal aisle.

They were just going about their business, trying to buy breakfast items and tea, and were forced to share the isle with a large, sweaty, probably smelly woman in her rumpled gym attire picking up cereal item after cereal item, angrily yelling "sugar!" in a disgusted tone, and then throwing them back in a serious pout.

This was occassionally interrupted by glaring at them and shouting "how can you call yourself a health food and put sugar as your second ingredient!" in the granola section with hands on hips.

I'm sure dear bf's attitude of gruding acceptance, and occassional apologetic glances toward the startled strangers helped aleviate some of the fear. At least the crazy person seemed to have a warden of some kind.

And the person who I'd visibly startled when shouting "I LIKE A GRAPES!" and then darting in front of them to pick the best bag was somewhat prepared when they entered the dairy isle to find me with my whole upper body between the yogurt shelves to get the last few Fago 0% greek yogurts while they were on sale and simultaneously singing a song I made up as I went along about finding one that only contained milk and active yogurt cultures.

Active yogurt cultures is made up song GOLD, by the way.

At least I make a trip to the grocery store a little more interesting, right?

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