Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Braved the Land of the Bro's !

I did it!!

With the help of my NEW new personal trainer, I braved "the manly room" at my gym. My gym has an unusual floor plan, so the weights and strength training machines are spread out over 3 separate rooms. "The manly room" is the one with all of the 'heavy lifting' machines, as well as a few of the ones that just take up more space.

I don't like to go to there.

There are always several really burly dudes in there grunting and sweating all over everything and saying "bro" a lot.

I do not call people 'bro.'

There is also evidence of some sort of creature that is rather sneaky and fast and subsists on the t-shirt sleeves of its prey: the 'bro's.
There is no other logical explanation for why all of their sleeves have been forcibly removed.
Perhaps it makes a nest in there somewhere with them... Or really likes pit stains for lunch.

Well today I ventured into the land of the bro's.
NEW new trainer started me off in a safe little corner, behind a post, so there was a nice buffer between me and the nearest bromantical weight lifting scenario playing out at the next machine. There were a lot of things being said over there that should probably never be said between two men in public (what they do in private is fair game, so far as I'm concerned)... lots of things about breathing and pushing. Maybe one of them was actually having a baby? I was too busy doing my OWN thing, thank you very much, to look over there.

Had absolutely nothing to do with the fear that I might burst out laughing hysterically if I put an image to all of that man-cooing.

Anyways, comfort level achieved in my safety nook behind the post, I even ventured out into the room and used the big manly METAL dumbbells, instead of the neoprene coated bright purple ones from the aerobics classroom, like for REAL worker-outers.
It was pretty neat.
I even did a squatting pulling on a weighted pulley maneuver out in the very visible part of the room (I'm pretty sure the baby was a bro, in case you were wondering)!!

Point is, the work out with NEW new trainer was awesome, and she even actually used the whole hour to work out and then talk a little about what I'm eating instead of spending half of it trying to sell me stuff and then running out of ideas after I do 4 very similar things and ending the session 20 minutes early like old new trainer.

Have to stop typing now, I'm pretty sure my arms are going to fall off.


  1. hahahahahaha! This cracked me up! I know exactly what and who you are talking about! Way to venture into bro land though, good job!