Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Or "Albert Felinestein." Or "Ben Purr."

My feelings about one year ago:



Self Esteem:

Me today; 57lb, over 3ft in inches, and approximately one major airline carousel's worth of emotional baggage shed through hard work and dedication:




I say "hard work and dedication," and sometimes it is, but mostly it's a lot of small changes adding up to big differences.
I could not be more glad that I have made, am making, and continue to make these small changes in my life.

Change is hard, but it's not nearly as hard as we fear it is, or as hard as we sometimes make it for ourselves.
It's one glass of water over a can of coke.
It's the sense of accomplishment we get over that small choice.
It's the decision to forgo seconds at dinner that this sense of accomplishment inspires us to make.
It's taking the sense of pride from that sense of accomplishment and marching it right down to the gym, or around the block, or in place in our living room where no one's watching.

I always hear people who've lost weight and otherwise changed their lives encouraging others by saying "If I can do it anyone can!"

Well I've got news for you, if anyone can do it, YOU can

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