Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We'll Always Have 7/11...

Okay, okay, you got me.
I'm jumping on the 2012 goals bandwagon!!! I'm not really into new years resolutions, because I believe we can make goals and changes whenever we want, but that doesn't mean that the beginning of a new year isn't an AWFULLY convenient time to do it, right?

So, goals for 2012

1)Go from 35% body fat (current as of Saturday) to 23% body fat.

I don't want to make a specific weight on the scale goal, but I do have a scale that measures body fat, and 21%-25% is healthy for women, so I'm aiming for the middle!

2) Drink a whole hell of a lot less diet soda.

To give you an idea, I just chugged the rest of the can of diet cherry coke I was drinking so that I wouldn't be drinking a diet soda while literally typing that I need to drink less diet soda.
This one is going to be REALLY hard for me.

3)Don't get frustrated and chop off my hair.
This one might be a little silly, and certainly isn't health-related in any way, but I don't care. It's a goal and I'm sharing it!!! I always get tired of it and chop it off, but this year I wanna grow it long!

4)Be able to do ALL of the moves in ALL of my work out classes (meaning crazy plank maneuvers and whatnot, I don't expect to suddenly become less rhythmically challenged in zumba) and to complete the free weight sections using 10lb weights (currently at 8lb, up from TWO last february, so totally doable).

5) Dress like a grown-up at work 3+ days/week.
No one but me actually cares at all what I wear, but I find that I'm in a different frame of mind when I wear "business" attire and also that people take me more seriously when I'm dressed like they should. I buy the clothes because they're cute and then only wear them once or twice before they get too big. That's just retarded.

6) Continue with swimming at least once a week.
I love swimming, but I end up going on stretches where it sounds "too inconvenient," don't go for a long time, and then get so pleasantly surprised when I go and remember it's basically my favorite form of exercise. Duh. I've been swimming 1-3 times/week the last few weeks and it's been fantastic, I'd like to keep up with that!

7) Exercise on Fridays and Saturdays!!
These are my tough days because there are no gym classes to go to, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be working out!! I have work out dvd's, on demand and netflix at my disposal at home, and it's not like the gym doesn't provide other forms of exercise aside from my classes. What a perfect time to incorporate that swimming from goal #6!! (which is what I've been doing lately, so I'd like it to stick.)

8)Spend less time being a boring lump in front of the TV.
Ya, the tv is cool, but that doesn't mean I need to spend hours and hours in front of it literally just lying there. I can crochet, bead, paint, sew, whatever, I don't care, just stop being such a lump.

9) STOP the mindless spending!!!
You know how a food journal was so great in making me really look at and then change how I eat? How many times have I told myself I needed to do the same thing with spending and done it for about 2 days tops? I can't even keep track!!! So: keep a spending log with every cent spent, work toward paying for most things in cash rather than just using my debit card, SAVE for expensive items rather than financing them.

10) The biggest, for me, is to fit into a size 6 pant by the end of the year.

If I manage to get down to a size 6 I will be the smallest ever in my teenage or adult life and I will literally jump up and down and scream and cry and generally make a scene in the fitting rooms and have to share with everyone in shouting distance. I've been a 7, but never a 6 (though I did once force myself into a friend's size 6 jeans in hs, I wouldn't describe them as 'fitting').

If I reach 23% body fat and do not fit in a size 6, then oh well, I'm tall and have the awesome broader muscley frame of my viking ancestors and it's just a number on a tag, a number that's not nearly as cool as 23% body fat.

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  1. Lmao this is the best one yet. I love your cartoons. Go you! get your goals!!!