Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blobulous Monster Face, Apparently...

Compliments on my weight loss have been a bit of a two edged sword lately.

Mostly the dreaded "you can really see it in your face!"

While this is great, and makes me feel good, I can't help but panic on the inside and wonder what kind of blobulous monster face I was walking around with!!

How did I not notice I had a giant fat face?

I mean, I'm pretty sure my double chin is gone, and that that's what they're talking about, but in case you haven't noticed by now I have a pretty active imagination. I mean, need I remind you of when I first felt an ab under my flab and was pretty sure that it was one of the face-sucker offspring from the Alien movies and was going to burst out of my body and prance down a diner counter singing showtunes?

And if I still have so much to lose do I just have a regular fat face now as opposed to the giant one?

And when people say "you look good" and I thank them, and then they go "no, really good" like they're arguing with me, and I also know I have so far to go...

What does THAT mean?

'Cause if just kind of average fat is 'really good' as compares to how I looked a few months ago... I don't wanna think about it!!!

I know this is all just being overly critical of myself, but I had to vent about it a little!

Just imagine the weird things I'll think when I'm in a single digit pant size and get THOSE compliments...

Uh oh, there goes my imagination again!

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