Monday, September 19, 2011

Cake is Awesome!

"Eating a big slice of cake is totally fine as long as it's my whole lunch."

When my best friend said this to me on Saturday, despite all the changes in my relationship with food, my response was:

"That's an awesome plan!"


And then we went for a long walk around the lake!

Go figure....

To my credit mine was a small slice of cake, which I baked using the can of diet soda trick, and I didn't eat the frosting, so the calories certainly weren't anything to be concerned about...

But cake is NOT nutritious. Especially when you don't use the eggs and oil and can't even kind of sort of claim the nutritive properties of those...

And I have half the produce section PRE washed and sliced and as convenient as possible for salad fixing.

Oh well, I'm not worried about it, just goes to show that there is ALWAYS more positive change to be made, which means there's always something more to work toward, and always a reason to keep learning and moving and doing and changing and all that fun stuff!

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