Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Generally Don't Make Out With My Friends...

I find it incredibly awkward to try and make new friends now that I'm a grown-up.
It came so naturally when I was younger, but now it's almost like dating or something...

And none of my old dating tricks work because:
1) I've been with dear bf since I was 18, so what little experience I've had with dating was forever ago
2) I typically am interested in making friends with other girls, so it's not like they're going to be impressed with a push-up water bra combined with a lot of hair tossing and a bit of eyelash batting action.

Well they might be, but that's not exactly what I'm going for here...

I'm sure I'm not alone in this. My best friend recently went out to lunch with another new mom from a mom and baby class she's been going to for a while (something she's had the goal of doing for at least 6 months now), and at the end of the lunch the girl said "I would like to see you again, we seem to have similar interests and values," in an almost formal way. It cracked me up but I SO RELATE!!!

I mean, it's not like at the end of a romantic date where you can judge whether or not there will be a second date by the hug or kiss or whatever.

I guess you could try that, but I generally don't make out with any of my friends. But that's me.

I usually just end up smiling way too much, I'm pretty sure my eyes get really large and creepy in my attempts to look attentive, and I get so paranoid that I'll talk about myself too much and scare them off that it probably feels a bit more like an interrogation than a conversation on there end, which I make up for with more smiling.

So let's just suffice it to say I don't have many friends...

Well I finally invited someone new over to our apartment to play boardgames!!
No cleavage or eyelash waggling required, and she even seems excited to come over!

I figure something as nerdy as boardgame night is the perfect non-threatening way to have someone over in a setting where we can get to know eachother, there are things that automatically make conversation do right, and it kind of puts it out there up front that we are giant dorks who do things like have weekly board game night.

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