Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Gym is Un-Hipsterizing Me...

I discovered about a year or so ago (much to my horror) that I am, probably, a hipster.

When I argued angrily with the accusation and expressed my hatred for hipsters, my brother referred me to a book called 'stuff hipsters hate' and the one on the cover?


I googled and wiki'd and was so ready to disprove it... and had to admit he was right.

So, being a hipster (but not one of THOSE hipsters), I tend to pretty much despise popular music.

I hate it.

It was a point of pride that I had no idea who these pop stars were or what songs they sang and could give people a genuine blank stare when they talked about them. Some of it would sink in by nature of not living under a rock, but not much, and that was the way I liked it.

I'll admit it, I've even been caught saying things like "that's so mainstream."

Well now I find myself in an odd position... I LOVE my classes at the gym. They make me feel strong and young and powerful and like my body is capable of so much more than I ever gave it credit for.
And ALL of the music used in those classes is pop music.

I find myself singing along to some of it in the grocery store and doing zumba moves in the dvd isle in Target and doing turbo moves at friends in the video game store and just generally embarrassing dear BF in public.
It's awesome.

I found myself really enjoying one particular one that was even rap-like, and much to the shock of my boyfriend decided to look up what lyrics I could remember on YouTube and therefore find out what the song was and who did it so that I could download it.

And, to my horror, it was a KANYE WEST song. To my credit, it was only the very last verse of a Kanye West song and was performed by a person I have since learned is Nicki Minaj (or something like that) and from what I saw on YouTube she's really weird and therefore cool in my mind and non-embarrassing to like. I just liked that she threatened to eat people's brains and said things with weird inflections!! Is that so wrong?
I didn't download it.
But I may or may not have been caught on more than one occasion looking up just her verse on YouTube to listen to while I clean. Not that I'd admit to it.
That's so mainstream.

Even worse was what happened to me last night. There's one fairly poppy song that we listen to when warming up or cooling down sometimes that I kind of secretly enjoy. It's cheerful and great to just grapevine back and forth to and do various stretches. I saw the girl next to me singing along and so said:
"I've been enjoying this song lately, who is this chick?"

The girl started laughing so hard I thought she might pee or pass out, and then explained to me that it was Justin Beiber.

I'm pretty sure all of the blood drained from my face.
I wanted to snatch it all back and come up with some snide sarcastic defense remark like it'd been a joke set-up all along...

But it was a girl I talk to in class and in the locker room all the time. She'd have seen right through it.

So instead I let out an over-dramatic movie moment "Nooooooooooooooooo!!!"

So I'm ready to admit it.
My gym classes have ruined me.
I secretly enjoy SOME pop music now...

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