Thursday, November 17, 2011

But it was SO FESTIVE!

I haven't been posting much lately.

Mostly because I've been making a dedicated effort to be a real-live grown-up, and to my surprise, grown-ups are boring.

Not so much to my surprise, I'm not very good at trying to be a grown-up.

I try to do grown up things like buy ONE little cute, office-appropriate Halloween figurine for my desk. Grown-ups can be fun too, I tell myself, grown ups can have this cute little ceramic Daisy Duck dressed in a purple witch outfit on their desk and it's totally okay but still festive. I don't NEED to pull out my cotton spider webs and light up spiders and over do it this year.

But she looked so lonely...

(mostly people got startled and terrified and I really like it)

And then before I knew it I had a blinking light up mini jack-o-lantern, witch-themed window clings, and a giant hanging jack-o-lantern totem pole.

But it was so festive!

Make-up every day. That's something grown-ups do. I will do THAT!

Stuff no one's doing at work that we should probably be doing? I will do those. I will do ALL OF THOSE!!

Especially the facebook and the twitter.
And the browsing around the internets a lot to "look at sample websites" to update ours.

I will clean ALL of the apartment before I have people over. And then I will KEEP it that way!

I'll probably never be a grown-up.

I'm gonna go dig the gold-lame turkey plushy out of my filing cabinet and put it on the chair in my office

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