Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Recommended for Zombies

As my weight loss gets more and more significant and apparent, more people ask me about it.

"You've obviously lost a significant amount of weight, so what have you been doing?" It's usually another woman who asks. It started out with people I see regularly through work, but now it's extended to strangers at the gym and cashiers at the grocery and drug stores I frequent.

My answer is always the same "The common sense, old fashion way, really. More moving and better eating."

The response to this answer is ALWAYS the same, and it's getting really frustrating.

Seriously people?
I basically tell you that losing a bunch of weight is idiot proof, and that you already know how to do it, and you get disappointed?

I'm tempted to like invent a "diet" or "supplement" and just tell people it only works with the sparkpeople.com program. I guarantee you they'd suddenly be interested.

How is it that people try crash diet after crash diet after crash diet, stupid over-expensive (and sometimes dangerous) diet pills, and who knows what other crazy weight loss schemes with little to no success, and then get DISAPPOINTED when the answer is so simple?!?!?!

I guess, actually, I get it.
How many times did I try to lose weight with diet and exercise before I got it right?
I guess some people get to a place where they really don't think they can do it, that the only way it will ever come off is with a magic potion or a secret combination of foods, or something really crazy and extreme.

So here we go, just in case anyone reading this was wondering if I've been doing some super secret fad diet and keeping it from you and all for myself.

The secret:

Use your damn brain.

*Brains not recommended for zombies.

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