Monday, July 25, 2011

"Dice" Danger in Nerd Town

Usually being a giant nerd is actually pretty helpful in trying to change my lifestyle.

I'm open minded to things like fitness video games and have the consoles to play them on.

I have a lot of spare time formerly dedicated to things like World of Warcraft that has been easily converted to gym time instead for my personal benefit.

I love to read and can read and exercise AT THE SAME TIME. (It requires almost as much skill as walking and chewing gum at the same time, but I manage it)

Working on a crochet project is an EXCELLENT way to occupy my hands while watching TV instead of snacking.

My love for gadgets easily translated into things like food tracking smart phone apps, heart rate monitor, swim-proof mp3 player, weighted boxing gloves complete with mesh sleeve for wii-mote, kitchen scales, and new recipes that give me the excuse to invest in small kitchen appliances and the gizmos to go with them (like crock pot liners! Which I suppose is more of an 'accessory' but I highly recommend them if you use your slow cooker and haven't tried them)...

But every once in a while it gives me unusual knowledge that ISN'T so helpful...

Like I know that a proper serving size of cheese is approximately the size of two dice... but the sneaky, snarky, nerdy part of my brain can't help but point out it doesn't specify which dice...

So the size of that pair of dodecahedrons (dodecahedra / dodecahedri? or is it like moose, and just dodecahedron?) that has been sitting in the dish with my eyeliner pencils because I keep forgetting to put them in the dice organizer (yes, we own a plastic container with dividers for all our different dice) can't help but come to mind as I pull the cheese out of the fridge.

See, further proof that I'm a giant nerd: I know to call a 20 sided dice a dodecahedron and even know how to spell it... I WAS a mathelete after all.

No joke, I have a calculus matheletes t-shirt from high school that says "No Brain, No Giain" on the front of it and says "Total Brain Work Out!" on the back.

I'm just cool like that.


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  1. OK so you wrote this ages ago... but ....

    *squeeeeeeeeee* fellow Nerd!!!!

    my dice bag is in the other room... and I admit I'm about to log in to WoW right now. But only AFTER I've had my time on the treadmill. ;)

    ~Jenn (JAHCannon from SparkPeople!!)