Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Did Cookies Become My Kryptonite?

I've always appreciated a good cookie, particularly a gooey one fresh from the oven, but I always thought I could take or leave the store-bought kind.

Pizza has been my kryptonite for a long time now. Get me around a good, greasy, carby, sodium-filled delivery pizza and all my will power is totally drained away...

So I don't get myself around it. I avoid it at all costs. I've been around it twice in the last several months and both times I was actually (with much struggling) able to stop myself at the planned number of slices. GO ME!!

I thought for sure I'd gained a tolerance to my personal kryptonite, but apparently it just changed forms.

I apparently have next to no self control around cookies.

A week or two ago I survived the plague of cookies, where they just seemed to be EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. It was annoying. And delicious. But certainly not helpful in reaching my goals.

While the plague has lifted, it seems to have infected me permanently with a compromised cookie immunity.

Monday I ate FOUR great big cookies. 2 double chocolate, 1 oatmeal raisin, and one with fake m&m's in it. They were delicious! The only way I was able to stop myself from eating even more of them was to go around the party foisting them upon other people, and to shove the remaining cookies into dear bf's backpack, and that into a closet, and tell him to take the rest to work on Tuesday.

And sure enough I went looking for them yesterday afternoon, like a junky in need of a fix! Luckily he remembered to take them to work! And thankfully once I knew there weren't any cookies in the house I was fine.

I guess it makes perfect sense that with the level of physical activity I've been doing, and the intensity at which I do it (moved up to 7lb weights in my class last night!!! That's a shift from 2lb to 7lb over just 4 months or so!) that all those greasy carbs that used to call to me so intensely just sound pretty gross these days... I hope that doesn't mean I'm suddently developing a weakness for sugary treats to replace it!

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