Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Die Fat, Die!!!

I'm feeling significantly less angry toward my fat now, but still holding on to my desire for its death!!!

I just want to reassure anyone who read yesterday that this is good anger, and only at my fat. There's a tiny bit of anger at myself for making myself fat, but I'd say that's maybe 2% of it and the rest is at the fat itself for refusing to budge.

It's like Blobby McFlabface, the chubberchaun who hides in my rolls and does everything he can to expand his flab mansion, has found some way to fortify his defences...

But I'll figure it out!! Somewhere in my constant bombardment of sprays from my freggie cannon and barrages of strength training bombs and intense cardio heat seeking missiles, I will find the weak point in his defences!!!

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