Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Swear it's Like a Plague of Cookies!

It's like the plague of locusts only with a lot fewer legs and a lot more calories.

Everywhere I go this week there seem to be delicious, gooey looking chocolate chip cookies. Or big fluffy chewy cookies with tiny peanut butter cups in them instead of chocolate chips...

I've been incorporating them into my calories, but there are WAY better uses of my calories than cookies!!!

I've also had 2 days in a row of lunches I had to attend for work. Monday was pizza and salad (and cookies). I only had 2 slices but still felt gross all day. I'm just not used to greasy food anymore. Yesterday was a fancy schmancy one at a luncheon for our local hospitality association: salad (which was tastey and had a light dressing and I scarfed all of quite gladly), wine (I had a small tasters glass of one of them), grilled chicken (with skin... which I ate...) with some kind of risotto and grilled vegetables. It was so delicious there wasn't a scrap of food left on my plate. The serving sizes weren't very big but I'm sure there had to be all kinds of hidden calories from butter, etc. in there. And then the dangerous part. A chocolate mouse layered with chocolate cake with raspberry stuff hiding in the chocolate...

It didn't look that fancy on the plate. I expected it to taste like cheap store-bought cake. I thought for sure I could just have a few bites.

It was not cheap store-bought cake. It was chocolate heaven!!! I tried to convince myself to stop... but it was FANCY chocolate heaven. At a restaurant I could never afford to eat in if it weren't for a work event, so I ate every bite and only barely managed to stop myself from licking the plate.

So Blobby McFlabface definitely scored a direct hit with that one....

Oh well. Sometimes I get to eat a fancy piece of cake, right? No big deal. I knew I'd get off work an hour early since I worked through lunch, I could just fit in a walk on the treadmill for a good 45 minutes before my RIPPED class and have a light dinner. It wouldn't make up for ALL the calories, I'm sure, but it would certainly help.

Well when I went home to change I let the cat out into the yard for a few mintues. It was nice out and she was just BEGGING to go lay in the sunshine, so I couldn't say no. I left the front door cracked and went upstairs to get ready for the gym.

When I came back down she just looked SO CONTENT out there in the sunshine and was giving me her best "but I only just got out here and it's so nice out and the sun feels so good on my ancient kitty bones" sad kitty cat face...

I couldn't make her budge!!!

I mean, I'm not heartless.

So I found myself standing in the living room, all dressed up and ready to go, staring at the clock and trying to figure out the best thing to do.

I could wait 15 mintues and then make her come back in, feel less guilty, and still have 30 minutes for the treadmill.

Blobby McFlabface pointed out that I could just settle into the couch and watch one of my shows on the dvr and then get up for the gym in time for RIPPED... IF the cat was ready to come back in...

But then I had the lightbulb moment!! I own turbo jam dvd's for a reason, damnit! So I popped one of them in the playstation and kicked and punched around my living room AND the cat got to stay outside for as long as she wanted (she usually comes back in to sit on something squishier after about 45 mintues)!!

And with the blinds open, which I didn't think of until I was well into the work out, I'm sure the neighbors got a good show of my spaztic attempts at kickboxing on display!

Ahhhhh!! MORE cookies in the building!!! What is this? I'm promising you guys and myself: NO MORE COOKIES!

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