Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sometimes I remain totally mistified by the completely and utterly obvious.

Even though I broke up with my scale around Christmas time and consider us "just frienemies" now rather than using it as the definition of my success, I still tend to check in with it fairly regularly. I mean, who can resist the intoxicating pull of a frienemy? I just LOVE to hate that scale. Usually it's just a jerk-face, but then every once in a while it tells me something nice, so I'm just not ready to cut it out of my life completely.

(If you don't get the reference, good for you for having standards!)
Well for the last week or so it went UP about a pound and then got stuck there. I haven't been upset by it or anything, but it's annoying. I wasn't surprised, because the same thing happened at the beginning of April: up a pound out of no where, hovered there for 2-3 weeks, and then like 7lb disappeared pretty much overnight.

Well why the reason didn't occur to me sooner I honsestly can't tell you. It's so obvious it's like it was literally slapping me about the facial regions and I just couldn't see it because it was so darn close to my eyes!

On April 1 I switched from 3lb freeweights to 5lb freeweights in my classes at the gym.

On May 30 I switched from 5lb freeweights to 6lb freeweights in my classes at the gym (and they're already starting to feel easy! I might be able to move up to 7's in July instead of August!)...

So let me guess... you've figured it out! I know you're all so smart!

Sometimes I just have to do things that cause me to facepalm...


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