Monday, August 8, 2011

ADVENTURE! (or How to TRULY Maximize Time in the Workplace)

I wanted to write a blog today, but then I couldn't think of anything interesting to write about.

So then I checked facebook 9,463 times and then clicked back to the blinking cursor in my 'add a blog entry' page here.

When not checking facebook or staring at a blinking cursor, I was looking at funny things on the intertubes and endeavoring to look especially busy at work.

How to look busy at work while killing time and/or looking at funny, useless pages on the interwebs:

1) Master the art of the 'bored scowl' even while internally snickering at lolcats

2) Type furiously with your best 'concentration' head angles anytime you hear someone about to walk past your door in the hallway

3) At the approach of what you know to be a particularly garrulous co-worker or, in my case, public access producer, snatch up the phone as quickly as possible, orient your body so that the handset and your profile can be seen, and you can easily 'take notes' anytime said person tries to step into your field of vision to get noticed. In the case of particularly stubborn persons, use a lot of 'uh-huh's" and "I see," etc. to really sound busy. A "could you repeat that" doesn't hurt either.

4)Place chin in non-mousing hand with corresponding elbow on desktop, lean far in and slightly to that side. Look listless and unappreciated.

5)Make hot tea or iced tea (depending on mood and ambient temperatures) every few minutes for an excuse to go stand around in the kitchen and therefore "break up the day"

6)Practice origami on toilet paper squares to better utilize restroom visits.

(I'm not that good, I found that, browsing the intertubes.... do we sense a theme?)

7) Make sure to enter things into the calendar on your phone, or appear to do so, at staff meetings whenever possible so that you can play hours of stupid phone games at your desk without fear or shame.

(Side note, it's not so much the birds that are angry as me that gets angry at them for not "doing right". Swearing about mustachiod pigs loudly and angrily WILL break your cover, so why not write it furiously in a fake e-mail to look busy for that person walking by?)

You see what happens when you just start 'doing' when planning doesnt' seem to be getting you anywhere? ADVENTURE!!

I feel like we just went on one, don't you?

And now, how neat! I can actually relate it back to successfully changing my life. People have asked me a lot how I get motivated, how I stay motivated, where my positive attitude comes from, how I can put so much time in at the gym, etc.

Unfortunately, my answer doesn't sound very interesting... When in doubt, just DO it. Start drinking water, get off your (hopefully shrinking) butt and go do the nearest thing that's not sitting and eating. I don't care if you don't know what you're going to do when you get off of said butt, start looking for something that looks interesting, and failing that do whatever seems least miserable, and you'll probably find yourself liking it!

AND, I saw a number under 230lb for the first time since 2009 on the scale this morning!!! That's after a BBQ and game night with friends on Friday
Ballgame with beers and a whole day with my dad and oldest brother on Saturday
Lunch with friends and a BBQ at other brother's house last night (including a chocolate brownie with mint chips- my 4 year old niece's very first baking project)

Life is good, and I can feel good being a part of it, eat good, drink water, stop obsessing, and see positive results.

If that's not lifestyle change, I don't know what is!

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