Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dubious Unitard

Isn't it amazing how the world just seems brighter in smaller clothes?

I washed the 2 pair of mini-goal jeans that I wore last week for the first time last night.

It may sound silly, but this was a big deal for me!! I'd only worn each pair once, and was terrified that they'd shrink in the wash and I wouldn't be able to wear them again for a while.

And for the record, I dried them ALL THE WAY in the dryer, too.

Well this morning I was brave.

When I pulled them from the shelf I was really dubious.
I'm pretty sure they got the same expression I would currently give a unitard that thought I would be wearing it in public...

They shrunk. For sure they shrunk. They're jeans and jeans always shrink the first time you wash them (not stretchy jeans mind you, I am an adult, and no longer buy jeans with a spandex count in them, we're talking 100% cotton).

But I put them on anyway...

And pulled them all the way up...

And buttoned the button without doing any of that bend way up and forward and suck in the gut stuff.

And zipped the zipper without the slightest bit of struggle or breaking a nail (which I've, sadly, done many times forcing myself into pants that were too small)

They still fit!!! And they still fit well!!! No muffin top or anything!!!

I guess it's a little silly to be so ecstatic that a pair of jeans I just wore last week still fits me this week, but I don't care.

I'm a big fan of silliness. (In case you hadn't noticed...)

I also just HAD to peek at the scale this morning to make sure yesterday wasn't a fluke, still under 230!!! 229.4, but I'll take it! I'm not a big fan of the scale in general, but every once in a while it redeems itself with some good news...

Better shove it back to the back of the bathroom cupboard while I'm ahead...

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