Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath.

I'm realizing this morning that I'm getting, perhaps, just a little TOO excited about the changes in my body.

There was a time, not very long ago at all, when my wardrobe pretty much consisted of black, or white, or black and white, sometimes with gray.

But I LOVE color, and not just colors, but BRIGHT colors and SATURATED colors and JEWEL TONES and NEON and you name it.

Love it.

Love. It.

So how sad that I felt I had to hide in neutrals!! I would pay my love for colors just the slightest bit of tribute by owning about 20 of the same simple camisole in different colors and wearing them underneath my black, or white, or black and white, sometimes with gray, for just a hint of color above and or below my shirt that day.

And accessories.

Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster the accessories...
(I have a lot. No really, like a LOT, like even you, who think you have a lot of them, you would go "holy cow that's a lot of accessories," even you who just read that and thought "well that's what you think," really, I promise, it's a lot. In every room of the house but the kitchen. A LOT of accessories. Just stop arguing and take my word for it.)

(a lot more than that! They're hard to draw...)

So, clever as you are, I'm sure you've gathered by now that color has worked its way back into my wardrobe.
(You're so smart.)

Lots of pretty colors!!!

Well the problem is, I pretty much just make a frownie face at the thought of wearing much in the way of black or gray these days. Like a pouty child face, and think "no! I wear what I want! I wear bright colors!! I wear ALL OF THE BRIGHT COLORS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!"

So today I somehow thought wearing a bright red lace-trim camisole, with a purple cowl neck tank, and then a printed sweater with purple and pink on it was an awesome plan. And that all of that would be okay because "the sweater ties it all together" and I would just wear white pants to 'make up for' all the color on top.

Oh, but that's not where it stops, you see, I like matching. Like, 'matchy matchy' matching, as all of the fashion make over shows that let me know better would tell me. I KNOW I'm not supposed to wear this outfit with bright red earings, a bright red necklace, and a bright red (awesome, if I might add) antique bracelet.... But I WILL DO WHAT I WANT AND I LIKE RED!!

So I'm wearing them all.

And purple shoes.

For whatever reason it's the purple shoes that I feel like put me over the line from 'apparently really likes red and purple' into 'looks like your friendly neighborhood psychopath.'

I considered changing.

Or at least changing the shoes and accessories.

But then I didn't.

Because red and purple are my favorite!!!

As I was working on my 'artistic representations' a guy walked into my office and said "Wow, look at all those colors on you today.... You look like a candy store!"


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