Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...But Then My Sink Exploded

It has been a crazy week already and it's only Wednesday morning!

First the good:
I am wearing a pair of jeans I bought months and months ago (probably almost a year ago, actually) that fit for the very first time. They are still a size 16, and still from the GAP, where I buy all my pants, but something went terribly wrong that day. I went in on my lunch and browsed the clearance rack, I found 2 cute pair of 16 jeans (which I was shoving myself into and holding closed with hair ties because 16 is the biggest size they carry in store, but was really a size 20 and refusing to admit it) and both were less than $10!! Gap jeans are the only ones I like and are normally 60 or more full price, so I snatched them up without even trying them on.

I couldn't even come CLOSE to wearing them. Even my crafty hair tie trick wasn't going to make it happen.

I pulled this pair out and tried them again in October, hoping to be able to wear them to my cousin's wedding (they're white and look like dress pants) but still was no where close to fitting in them.

I pulled them out again a month or two ago when I built a new shelf for my closet and went through all the clothes in there. I could finally pull them up all the way but even with my hair tie trick couldn't wear them, so back in the drawer they went.

I made a goal back in February or March to be able to wear one of the 2 pair (not the white ones!) to a baseball game I bought tickets to for me and my dad this coming Saturday. I had measured on Saturday and while I was initially disappointed with the results, down is down, so I decided to try one pair yesterday...

AND THEY FIT!!! And really fit, not just fit 'good enough' they fit and looked awesome and made me feel cute all day.

So this morning I tried the white ones (which are smaller)....



THEY FIT!!! And again, really fit. They don't look painted on or give me a giant muffin top or gather at the backs of my knees from being too tight, none of that. THEY REALLY FIT!!!

And I've needed to feel cute the last couple of days, let me tell ya!

Now for the bad:

Yesterday I was coming around a corner in the hall at work and who do I see but dear BF... While a surprise visit from dear BF is always welcome, I could tell right away this wasn't a fun one.

He let me know that while he was making breakfast he heard the garbage disposal in the condo adjoining ours making terrible noises, and then both sides of our sink backed up with all kinds of nasty water and chunks of food that clearly weren't ours.

He has a stupid crappy job, and so can't get any time even to deal with something like this, and of course had NO clue where to find our landlord's phone number and so had rushed over to let me know I had to deal with it.

Oh joy! In my cute "new" jeans no less!

The sink was totally disgusting and filled with all kinds of gross nasty food that isn't ANYTHING we've put in the garbage disposal recently. Luckily the landlord came right over and checked it out and worked it out with the guy next door.

He hired a plumber and told me the plumber would be there between 2 and 4. I hung out until 4:15 waiting for him and then got mad and went back to work, leaving a note on my door with my cell number.

The neighbor never called, but when I got home he'd written on my note that everything was fine and the sink should be fixed.

So I started running the water and things looked promising, until I heard a noise from under the sink...

I looked down and realized the fronts of the cupboard doors were covered in black gross stuff, as was the mat in front of the sink....

When I opened the cupboard I realized my sink wasn't fixed, it was more broken than before! The pipe under there has a fist sized hole in it, and the water I was running just ran straight into the bucket I'd put there earlier.

When I turned on all the lights to get a good picture to send to my landlord, I realized the black stuff was ALL over both the mats in my kitchen.... but not on the linoleum in between.

And the edges of the mats were all streaky like someone had wiped up the floor around them.

And there was one circle of black stuff like someone had had a bucket sitting there.

I assumed the landlord had come in, no big deal.

And the Scary:

But when I called to ask what we'd be doing next she told me not only did she not come in, she wasn't even sure she has an extra key to GET in.

Which means the creepy neighbor has a key to my apartment, and let himself in.

So all my plans for cooking a healthy dinner of moroccan eggplant went out the window. My landlord asked me to leave the kitchen the way it is if I could stand it so she could take pictures and figure out how she's going to deal with the situation.

I'm going to ask her to change the locks! I'll do it at my own expense if I have to, but there's no way I'm leaving them the same when I know the creepy neighbor has a key!

So I was going to cook a healthy dinner, with leftovers for lunch, but then my sink exploded. I feel like I have a pretty good excuse to eat out!

But (and here's the long awaited point if you've stuck with it this far) NOT to eat poorly.

We went to the grocer store and picked up fixins to make ourselves sandwiches on whole wheat rolls with turkey, turkey bacon, lettuce, avocado, lowfat provolone cheese, and just the teeniest squirt of low fat ranch.

They were super tasty, healthy, acceptable on the sodium, and no use of the kitchen required!

So bonus points to me for making getting to the gym on a stressful day a priority
Extra bonus points for getting in the pool after my RIPPED class because I was still feeling frustrated and emotional about the day and getting to feel all that just wash away in the pool.
Additional double bonus points for not just collapsing into a fluster pile and ordering a pizza or splurging at a restaurant when I got home to discover a super disgusting sewage mess in my kitchen and the news that a creepy old man mysteriously has a key to my apartment and let himself in at will.

Now to feel comfortable enough in there to sleep through the night again!

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