Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A weight loss "maybe if the universe is on my side"?

So I've started, then deleted, then restarted this blog a few times today, and now I'm just going to go for it.

As most of you know, while I like when the scale says nice things to me, I don't use it as my main measurement of success, and I don't really set weight loss goals that are scale related.

I don't have an ultimate goal weight, or even an ultimate goal weight neighborhood! I honestly have no idea what's going to feel right, and just don't want to play that numbers head game with myself.

I do, however, often update the goal on my start page to make sure I have an accurate calorie range, even though I rarely make them. I usually set them 1-2 months out for whatever the lowest weight SP will let me put in, and use those ranges. (And of course hope I can make it)

Well today I got curious.

For whatever reason, ONEderland seems so much more tangible at 229 than it did at 231. I can't explain it, but it feels so CLOSE all of a sudden!

And I'm getting really excited about it! The last time I lost a lot of weight with SP I never made it out of the 190's. In fact, I never even spent much time there! I really believe that this time I'm going to blow right past the 190's and keep on going, even if that's a year off, it's going to happen, and it's going to be awesome.

So I put in a goal weight of 199, and kept trying different dates until I found one that SP finds healthy and reasonable.... And it's WAY sooner than I would have thought.

According to SP, if I keep up my current level of exercise and eat in their ranges, I can quite safely reach 199 by Thanksgiving, November 24.

So I WANT to set a goal of doing that. The scale has finally been moving consistently lately, making me think I've finally gotten over that strength training 'hump' where all the muscle building has finally reached a place where my metabolism is working to maintain it and things aren't just more or less evening out anymore....

But I DONT WANT to psych myself out, get over focused on it, let the scale start defining the success of a goal, and then get bummed out if it ends up being unrealistic for me...

Can I set a weight loss hope?
A weight loss "maybe if the universe is on my side"?
A weight loss possiblity?

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