Monday, August 29, 2011

Crafts, Snacks, and Fishies, Oh My!

So apparently my ovaries heard me complaining last week about how it'd had been a pretty long time since they'd evidenced themselves...

And now I'd really like to know why the heck I was complaining about it!?!?!?

But I had a pretty nice weekend!

I had game night with friends on Friday where there was pizza, and had JUST TWO SLICES!! A small slice of a meat and veggie take and bake pizza and a bigger slice of the thin crust deLite one, and a big ol' helping of fresh green salad to fill me up (without croutons!).

Saturday I hit up the craft store to get charms for the new keychain one of the DONE girls' threads gave me the idea for, with a charm for each 5lb lost. I just put it on a piece of chain that was part of an old keychain that broke for now, but am trying to think up something cooler to put them on.

Here it is so far!

The theme is "whatever charms I think are neat," in case you couldn't tell. I also picked up a charm of an old-timey ship stearing wheel thing (I think there's probably a name for those...) that I can add at 35lb lost (just 3 away!) and have it sitting out where I can see it in the living room as motivation!

And, because I was in a craft store, I also bought a whole bunch of craft supplies I don't need and signed up for a cake decorating class!!!

I already made a pretty necklace with some of them, and some beads I already had at home, last night:

The camera on my phone doesn't really do it justice, but I think it's pretty!!! The pendant is one of those natural stones that has teeny little crystal formations inside and a stripey pattern of greens and blues on the outside

Yesterday I cleaned A LOT around the aparment and did some light gardening. It was all pretty overdue after 3 or 4 weekends of being away and busy in a row! I even did a 50% water change on the fish tank and bought 2 new goldfishies to replace the ones we lost to parasites a few months ago (now that we are 100% sure the remaining fish is healthy and the water quality is good.... he earned the name 'Highlander' through a tank illness that got all our other gold fish for the second time in 5 years) Who knew goldfish could be so high maintenance?

I even felt brave enough to buy the BIG BAG of baked chips at the grocery store yesterday. I really wanted to try the cheddar and sour cream baked ruffles, but my stores don't sell individual sized bags... Yesterday I finally felt like I was ready to give it a try (mostly because I knew dear bf would be home alone with his video games all day today and likely eat them all up!) I tried 2 to see how they were when we got home, and put them away.
Later last night I put 2 servings in a bowl for me and dear bf to snack on. He was playing a video game and so eating them much more slowly than I was, and when I figured I'd probably eaten my half, I stopped!!!
It wasn't even hard!!!

I consider this a pretty awesome non-scale victory for me. Salty snacky foods are my weakness, and it wasn't a struggle to eat just enough, enjoy myself and the food, and stop!! Even thought it's TOM!!

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