Friday, August 26, 2011

Nearly Murdered by a Printing Error

So the most unfortunate thing happened today...

I work at a public access television station, and whenever somone submits content for airing there is a form they must fill out. The form is a legal document insuring that the producer takes all responsibility for the content, and releases the station from said responsibility (in case of slander, copy right infringement, etc.). I process anywhere from 2-30 of these forms in a day, and pile them neatly, face-down, in the outbox on the front corner of my desk for filing.

I was working right along this morning, paying only enough attention to do the job right, and trying to find a funny light to present what happened to me last night at the gym in. I'd processed about 25 or so forms today, and got up to take a restroom break. (Proof I've been drinking my water!)

Well when I came back into my office a few minutes later I noticed that the form I'd processed last had a rather large color image taking up most of the back of it. People often use scrap paper from their printers, as the form is only one sided, so I hadn't really paid much attention when placing it in my outbox.

However, upon re-entering my office I discovered that this image was, in fact, a HUGE print out of a screen shot of internet porn.

Rather GRAPHIC internet porn.

And had been sitting on my desk, in plain view from the hallway, for at least 10 minutes.

After my initial shock, I was pretty sure I was ACTUALLY going to die laughing.

Now I feel like I got an ab work out from all of the laughter, and what happened to me doesn't seem embarrassing at ALL compared to what this poor guy is going to have to face when he gets the e-mail, on the account he shares with his wife (the only e-mail I have for him), which explains that I will need a new form as the "rather large, offensive pornographic images on the back of the one submitted make it unsuitable for our records."

Also that he'll need to retrieve the previous one from my boss's office.

But, because I did post about it in my feed and I'm sure you're curious what DID happen last night, though it seems pretty boring now, I'll explain...

After I swim I LOVE sitting in the hot tub, it's outdoors, I'm all tired, and it's a pretty social little scene in there in the evenings.

There's this one older eastern european gentlemen who pretty much can't shut up about how great he is, and talks constantly about himself.

Mostly I find it pretty entertaining.

Well last night, in a very FULL hot tub, he was talking about all the things he 'beats' younger men at. Weight lifting, arm wrestling, ping pong.

"Ping pong?" I asked, sure that was a joke.

"Yes, ping pong."

"Oh, I'm terrible at ping pong."

"That's because you're a large plus size girl and can't move around the table quickly enough."


A few people scramble out of the hot tub to begin their swims

"Actually, it's because I have terrible hand-eye coordination, but thanks for that."

"No really, you have to really be able to get down and move around the table quickly for ping pong."

Obviously, the man was totally oblivious to the fact that what he said was offensive. There was a big group of people in there, so I didn't want to add to my embarrassment by arguing with the stupid guy or pointing out that it was rude of him to say.

Especially since at a size 14 I am NOT PLUS SIZE, thank you very much.

So I sat in the hot tub for a few more minutes pretending to be okay, and then left.

I made it all the way through going back to the locker room, changing, and then out to my car before I cried.

And of course of all of the nights to forget a sweatshirt to wear over my tank top and sweatpants I go home in it had to be last night, so I felt even fatter and more exposed.

It was pretty miserable. Not so much that the guy said it, but that it got to me so much!

But doesn't all that just seem minor compared to the weekend that producer has got to be in for when his wife sees that e-mail about the porn?
Not to mention the fact that he has to interact with me on a regular basis knowing I saw it and had to write him the e-mail in the first place...

Really puts it all into perspective....

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